• Size: 4X8 (feet)
  • Thicknesses Available: 2.7–25MM
  • Grades Available: AB, BC
  • Core:ACACIA
  • Glue: E2, E3 (Mostly E3)
  • Applications:
  • Production of packaging pallets: Cheap plywood is used to create various types of pallets. Boxes for products, packaging…
  • Partition walls: Affordable plywood is applied as partition walls. It’s commonly used for temporary constructions due to its easy installation and low cost.
  • Floor lining and equipment support: Due to its low cost, this plywood is very versatile. It can be used as floor lining and to provide moisture resistance for machinery and equipment.
  • Construction of animal pens, insect enclosures: Affordable plywood is used for constructing various types of pens and enclosures. It’s used for making termite or snake enclosures due to its low cost and easy installation.
  • Making gift baskets, flower arrangements: For the thin 2mm to 3mm plywood type. It’s highly suitable for crafting flower arrangements and gift baskets. Creating gift baskets and floral arrangements has the advantages of reasonable pricing, easy crafting, and high durability.
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